Tuesday, May 31, 2011

But WHY?

B: The dogs were barking again last night.
Me: Oh no! Why?
B: Don't know.
Me: Do you think the neighbours were making noise?
B: Not sure.
Me: Do you think when one dog barks the other one just joins in, even if he doesn't know why he's barking?
B: Don't know. I suppose.
Me: Why does one bark so much louder than the other?
B: Bigger voice box, I guess.
Me: Why can dogs hear so much better than humans?
B: It dates back to their survival traits, I suppose.
Me: Why do you think our neighbours are so noisy?


  1. Hey...I ran into your blog on ftlob. I am also a why person (although now I prefer to call it truth seeker searching for enlightenment). I think I just have an extremely curious mind, and thrive on being in the know. It exhausts my boyfriend, but he is smart and often knows the answers to my questions, which makes me ask more. Sometimes I ask why questions just to see how smart he really is. We often have conversations similar to yours. They end the same way. Your blog design is sweet, and I like your writing style. Looking forward to checking out more :)

  2. Keep asking.

    Your blog is so lovely. I gives me the sense of sipping a cup of tea in fine china and setting it on a fine linen embroidered napkin.

    Keep writing.


  3. just found your blog and loving it so far. this is a great post. i think our childhood should never be a thing of the past, this is why children are amazing, they ask the "why" part a lot, because they are curious, hopeful. sometimes, we as adults become jaded with our own life experiences and forget to ask why or seek the truth.


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