Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Celebrity crushes. Oh my.

Mid-week confession: I have a crush on Penn Badgley. You know, that guy from Gossip Girl. I wish I could give you a mature and noble reason but it's purely and simply because he's majorly hawt.

Am I the only over-30-year-old who still gets schoolgirl-crushy over cute celebs from time to time?

Really... I'm asking, because I have some concerns that this is entirely childish behaviour that surely I would have moved on from say, fifteen years ago?

But there is something shamefully exciting about having a minor (and entirely innocent) crush on someone as unattainable as a celebrity. Not that I would ever want to attain one even if I could attain, as I am very happily attained to another right about now.

But, attaining aside, it's still fun to swallow a few gazillion butterflies when you gaze upon your Edward Cullen or Jude Law or Paul Giamatti or whomever floats your boat. It kinda breaks up the day.
So - just for pure and utter fun - here is a list of my past celebrity loves. Oh and I am brutal... When I fall I I fall hard and then, when I find another, wild horses couldn't drag me away fast enough. So I don't like to commit.

My first crush: Rick Astley

I was eight years old when young Rick was 80s dancing on Rage to 'Never Gonna Give You Up.' I didn't know what a crush was and thought I just liked the song until I saw an interview where he said he had a "very pretty girlfriend." I wasn't sure why I felt an incredible urge to slap her.

Although I do look at him now and wonder if I was perhaps on crack.

My second and most major crush: Bruce Willis

I saw the original Die Hard when I was ten years old and became entranced by the character of John McLean. I felt sorry for all the pain he had gone through and wanted to hug him.

I must have watched the movie twelve million times and once burst into tears in front of my mother because she wouldn't help me marry Bruce Willis. I mean, really... we call this parenting?

Early 90s crush: Donnie Whalberg

If you were a teenage girl in the 90s, you simply had to pick a New Kid on the Block to sticky-tape all over your wall or you were drifting into serious social outcast territory.

I noticed all the girls were picking Joey. So I picked Donnie. Plus he did that cool finger-pointing thing.

First TV star obsession: Jason Priestley

Could this man be any more good looking? Even with enough product in his hair to oil all the woks in China?

Jason was the star of the biggest teen soap that existed during my most crush-sensitive years, Beverly Hills 90210. I can still sing the opening theme where he turns and smiles to the camera. Duh-na... duh na na na naaaa na...

Vampire lust: David Boreanaz

David arrived on the scene looong before the days of Edward Cullen, ok?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my favourite TV show of all time and 'Angel' was the tall, dark and brooding vampire in leather pants. Let's not act like I actually had a choice in this one.

Unoriginal crush: Colin Firth

Most women have suffered at the hands of a Mr Darcy obsession so I need not go on.

I will add that I did interview Colin Firth through my job once and he was admittedly disappointing in person. I was relieved - I didn't know how I was going to plot to make him ask me out on a date.

WTF crush: The Phantom of the Opera

I am seemingly not immune to an entirely weird choice of crush. I always had a soft spot for the tortured Phantom and thought Raoul was a bit of a douche.

I love a bit of darkness in my man and as soon as Gerard Butler donned the white face mask for the movie version he was inside my mind alright.

Current crush: Penn Badgley.

Need I explain?

He's cute, witty, smart and a good actor. This is the ultimate combination.
Oh and he's dating his co-star in real life. He gets extra props for that.

Who are your past fantasy loves???


  1. If being 30 and liking Penn is okay, can being 18 and completely in love with Ewan McGregor okay? ;-) He's an excellent and diverse actor, gorgeous, can sing and speak french? Is there more in life? LOL

  2. Ahhhh Ewan.... drool.... hehe xx p.s. Thanks for visiting!


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