Sunday, May 29, 2011


Current colour: Pink (I'll always be true)

Current fashion trend: I don't do trends (too lazy to pay attention) but I'm currently loving just a plain loose white t-shirt

Current playlist: Adele (porn for the ears)

Current obsession: Mastering English-language grammar and punctuation (see you in 2097 when I've finally done it)

Current drink: Water... I'm permanently parched

Current outfit: Loose white t-shirt, black skirt, hair up (Sunday drab)

Current fave TV show: Sons of Anarchy (who knew a show about motorcycle gangs could be so friggin' addictive)

Current triumph: Scoring a FAB new client for my business

Current bane of my existence: Getting up early... and there's nothing current about it (we've never gotten along)

Current iPhone app: Henry VIII (a hangover from my recent obsession with The Tudors)

Current celebrity crush: Charlie Hunnam (that really phwoar guy from Sons of Anarchy)

Current indulgence: Cheap Hong Kong massages (reason enough to apply for citizenship)

Current blessings: A healthy family, a great boyfriend, amazing friends, my own business, and two cute furry puppies

Current excitement: A trip to Chiang Mai in Thailand in two weeks (high five!)

Current mood: Mellow

Current website: My business (

What are you currently obsessed with?


  1. I love that you do not follow fashion "trends" - neither do I :) I tend to wear what ever I feel is fashionable ! The plain loose white (any color actually) tee's are on the top of my favorite list!

    Not going lie though - those fish things kinda creep me out! Haha, what are they exactly?!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh! I've been reading about Chiang Mai lately, I'm jealous, I really want to go. Have fun!

    I'm pretty obsessed with Adele, too. Great music!

  3. Absolutely love this list! Happy that you followed along :D I've never heard of Charlie Hunnam but I'm happy I did...he is delicious!


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