Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Buddha.

Short of boring you with tedious descriptions, here are some photos to show some of what we did on this stinking HOT and sunny Tuesday, instead of what we usually do: sit at computers and bring home the bacon.

p.s. I'm kind of embarrassed about the shameless promotion, but if you look to your left you'll see I've been chosen by Kidspot as one of 2011's Top 50 Bloggers! I was really surprised to find out and absolutely thrilled. Oh and here's the shameless promotion bit... If you feel I deserve a vote (you can vote for more than one blogger) please click through to the voting page and make one click to vote for me! It's super easy and there is no signing up or membership of any kind required. And thank you SO much for your support and for reading.


  1. Congrats again, Nat. So well deserved, you lovely girl. J x

  2. Congratulations!

    It looks very hot in those photos - but it looks like you had a good day :)


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