Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WTF is this?

When I turned up at the actual event, I was bewildered to see others that had designed creepy vacuum cleaners were actually fairly cool people like Kirk Pengilly, Carla Zampatti and even Lincoln Hall: an Australian rock climber who nearly died on Mt Everest - so much so, he was left up there, presumed dead, and his family were even told he had died. He still had life in his lungs though and managed to defy the odds and climb down on his last legs to turn up on his family's doorstep alive (a true story and a riveting book).

The night before this event, B was keeping me up till the wee hours with the light on; his nose in Lincoln's book which he couldn't put down. We were stunned at the coincidence when we noticed Lincoln's Everest-themed vacuum cleaner sitting right next to mine! I also couldn't help but notice he was missing several fingers as B cornered him for a chat.

B acting up again with my Britney... and look - it's right next to Lincoln's!

What's the craziest thing you've ever made?

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  1. That is brilliant! You are one creative woman. Those boobs are sensational ;) xx


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