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Monday, November 29, 2010

Point & Shoot: Our weekend

On Friday evening, my mum, step-dad and I met B after work at a ridiculously cool bar at the top of Hong Kong's gorgeous Prince's Building. We each ordered one ridiculously overpriced cocktail and my sweet mum (who doesn't normally drink cocktails) was after a 'Grasshopper' (a creamy, green cocktail that died with the 80s). In the end she settled for a mystery strawberry concoction dreamed up by the bartender. After that, we wandered over to "rat alley"; a swarming anthill of Indian, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong's
bar district. We fell into a cab with thumbs up and bursting bellies.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A RAT. Inside my kitchen.

After the moment it took my brain to believe what my eyes were telling it, I ran into the loungeroom to yell to B,
"A mouse, a mouse!! A MOUSE is in our kitchen, QUICK!!"

You see, before now, I couldn't quite tell the difference. Plus I was in shock, okay? Hmpf.

I rushed back in, with B hot on my heels... the rat saw me and sprung towards the open window, falling into the sink on the way and collapsing a few dishes. It then panicked and made a leap for the windowsill, knocking a candle to the floor before scurrying out.

As I lunged over to shut the window, B laughed at me for calling it a mouse.

"Honey, that's a RAT," he said. "A mouse would be so small, you'd barely see it."

Whatever buddy, it was brown and hairy, okay?

Thanks for the nightmares, rat.

p.s. We have a miniature schnauzer, who were bred to hunt for rats. That's why they have long beards. Otto, the schnauzer, didn't do a darn thing. Way to go, Otty.

One year ago today

They are now the best of friends as well as brothers.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My 7 secrets to share.

Oooh there's nothing quite so juicy as a good secret, is there?

Thankfully, I can honestly say I don't have many skeletons in my closet... but I have had to poke around in there a bit today for a few, after my new blog friend Snappy Q (a Canadian, like B!) tagged me in a post where I have to reveal 7 secrets about myself. Thank you, Snappy Q. So I promise to keep it clean, people!

1. I am not a morning person. I deeply want to be... I secretly envy people who spring out of bed before 7am, with a smile, a coffee pot gurgling away and a desire to "get the day going." The only place I want to go in the morning is back to sleep. For a really long time. I am, conversely, a night person. Which means when B is falling into bed I'm the one chatting away, trying to think of questions to keep him awake :).

2. I stole something when I was a child. A packet of erasers, actually, from one of my closest friends... I know, what kind of friend was I??? I saw this cute little coloured pack of erasers in fancy shapes and I simply had to have them. So, when she was out of the room, I pocketed them and took them home. When my mum found them, she made me return them to my friend and apologise. Can you say mortified?

3. I try and be cool and like really current, underground music, but I mostly can't get into it. I'm happy with my late 20th century classics. I know the tunes and the words, and new music scares me. I like anything from the 60s, a lot from the 70s, most of the 80s, and - shudder - even some of the 90s. Paula Abdul, anyone? Debbie Gibson? Remember those guys who wore their clothes backwards? Kriss Kross? Now there's a fashion trend that should have caught on!

4. I don't eat mushrooms. At all. Like, ever. It's for a combination of reasons; the fact that mushrooms are such a visual fungus is hardly a tick in the plus column. But mostly, it's because of their smoky taste and rubbery texture. Excuse me for a moment while I go and barf.

5. I finished my first year of university, then dipped out to take a loooong break before returning again (and I am now due to finish in August '11). The reason was, I got offered a hot job in the media industry and absolutely had to take it! It was the right thing to do. It set my career in motion.

6. I was mugged in Peru, while walking up a dark alley by myself. It was really not a very fun experience, and I should write a longer blog about it. Basically, I was a silly girl, and told multiple times to not walk alone up any dark alleys. So, what did I do? Kinda forgot, and walked up the first dark alley short-cut that let to my hotel. Yehr, that went down well.

7. I am an easy laugh. Big time. I've had comedians at comedy clubs come and thank me afterwards for making them seem funnier than they actually were and encouraging the crowd to laugh. I can't help it, say something even remotely funny, and I'll most likely laugh out loud... if it's genuinely really funny, I'll downright howl and then have little giggle outbursts now and then for hours afterwards as I think about it over and over. Is this a good thing?

I now have to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same... if they so desire. At the very least, please check out their fantastic blogs! Have fun x.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10 things that make me happy.

Hello you.

Wow, what fun; picking out things that make me googly-eyed, jolly, giggly and just downright fun to be around.

There are squillions of things that make me happy, but here's my handful of ten, in no particular order:

A long, hot shower at the end of the day. I work from home and it serves as my emotional separation between work and play. Very important for a home-worker. It used to be a bath, but my new apartment (while fantastic) doesn't have a bath. We don't like to talk about it.

Watching my two dogs sleep cuddled up together like an old married couple. They fight by day, but at night, it's spoon baby, spoon. Same as the rest of us.

My boyfriend's laugh. Not the half-hearted version; the sudden and joyful gutteral laugh that only happens when he finds something a genuine riot. A friend of mine once pointed out how great B's laugh is, and I've been agreeing with her ever since.

Closing the door to the rest of my household and lying in bed, nice and early, with an episode of Gossip Girl, True Blood or Mad Men and snuggled under the covers. Me time.

Cooking elaborate dishes on a Sunday afternoon, with the radio spun to the classical channel and my iPhone turned off. Bliss.

Books I can't put down. These are rare finds; little gems I've mined through metres of rock-hard reads to unearth. Recent ones include
Unbearable Lightness by Portia deRossi, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson and A Thousand Splendid Suns by the ah-mazing Khaled Hosseini.

Blogs, blogging and bloggers. I started my blog in 2009 on a kind of whim, expecting it to be another one of my half-finished "projects" that I pick up and play with, before dropping like a hot potato when something new piques my interest. In this case: No, no and nope. I got hooked on blogging... the diary, the release, the interaction and the inspiration.

Buttery, salty, popcorn. Lots of it. I will literally starve myself before a late-night movie, so I can order the largest size they have. B typically won't buy anything and will then stick his predatory fingers deep into MY popcorn when the theatre lights are down (thinking I won't notice) until I slap them out of the way and accost him for stealing what he decided not to buy. Of course, halfway through the box, I decide I can't eat anymore and it ends up cold, banished to the underneath of my chair with B smirking next to me.

Dancing to tragic eighties songs on dance floors way past my bedtime after way too much wine. Yes it happens. Frequently, in fact, and I always find myself grinning from ear to ear while shaking my booty and vowing to return the next night. Which I am always way too headachy and mortified to fathom.

Getting off planes. Once upon a time, it used to be getting
on planes. Planes heralded the promise of travel, of little food compartments, free movies, clouded windows and smiling flight attendants. Now, getting on planes heralds the promise of flying phobias, cardboard food, yet another night slept in a chair and grumpy flight attendants. And getting off planes can mean only one of two things: arriving at a holiday destination or arriving home, to my dogs and warm bed. Both are two of my favourite places.

Fancy continuing the happiness trend on your blog? What makes you go 'ga ga'?

Monday, November 22, 2010

They say "motherhood never ends."

~ 5 minutes later ~

Mum: "Nat, would you like a ham and cheese sandwich? Just something small?"

Me: "No thanks, I'm honestly not hungry."

~ 4 minutes later ~

Mum: "Nat, are you sure you don't want anything to eat?"

Me: "Mum, no, I'm really ok... thanks."

~ 5 minutes later ~

Mum: "Nat, how about some cheese..."

Me: "Mum!!!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

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