Monday, January 24, 2011

I ♥ him so...


Hello you.

I'm sorry I've fallen offline these past few days; I'm currently on holiday in Florida with B's family, and it was such a manic dash to the airport (typical Hong Kong style - never enough time) that I didn't get to write a post saying I was going offline for a wee bit.

We are at Disneyworld and having an amazing time... already don't want to leave! This place is designed for FUN.

See you all in a week or so, with lots of tales to tell.

p.s. Thanks for all your lovely comments - I look forward to checking out all your blogs when I get back!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Angelina. And Jennifer.

Right. So I mentioned in a previous post that I was, once-upon-a-time, a television entertainment reporter.

Oh and I will soon be again, for a temporary time, but more on that later.

I interviewed many a celebrity back then and won't drop any names right now as I'm still picking through the carpet, trying to collect them all after dropping them back here.

But, I did say recently that I once had the pleasure of interviewing Angelina Jolie and kind-of-interviewing Jennifer Aniston.

By the way, I am really trying to make my blog posts shorter. Apart from the fact that I know long posts bore people, each sentence takes me one minute further from finishing my current season of Mad Men and we really don't want that.

Natalie? That sentence right above this line is waffle.

Ok. So I didn't technically interview Jennifer Aniston (I only just remembered this) I was in training that day and attended the interview with my fabulous colleague who was training me up. But we were both there, I stood in front of her, with a microphone. Does that count?

That came first - on day one of my former job.

My interview with Angelina (which was definitely my interview - I had to fly to L.A. for it) happened close to three years later.

So, when you gaze upon both A and J is it really possible not to compare them and ask yourself questions like, So who's hotter? Who's nicer? Is Brad on crack? Did he make the right choice? Anyone got any Cheerios?

So here's my summary:

Disclaimer: These are merely my shallow opinions, are mostly comments on appearance (as I had merely minutes with each) and are not intended to offend.


Oh yikes, I'm doing this like a list... poor women.

Jennifer Aniston is about as pretty as "that pretty girl you know" that you see at parties sometimes. Without makeup - I'd guess less so. Her eyes are incredibly blue and when they look at you it's impossible to look away. When I saw her she didn't appear to be using the old botox as she was crinklier than I thought and did look her late-thirties age (which I think is a relief). She was short and had perfect hair - straight, whipped and slightly windblown, honey-coloured. So pretty. Jennifer Aniston has a truly ah-mazing body. Little hourglass shape, tanned, everything in proportion - you couldn't draw a better body and I defy any guy to not salivate over it. She was wearing a little black number (of course) and was smiley, friendly, down-to-earth and approachable. She genuinely seemed like a really nice and sweet person who didn't think she was "all that." Admittedly, however, I may have missed some details as I was somewhat distracted by Vince Vaughn who was much, MUCH better looking in real life than the silver screen suggests. Hot damn, Vince.


Angie (I get to call her that as we've shaken hands) has a much bigger 'presence'. You kind of want to go with her when she leaves. S
he is quite tall, much taller than Jen, but h
er figure was disappointing. She was much skinner than Jennifer. MUCH. Too much. I was quite shocked. And not in the Kate Moss "I'm a sexy waif with cute doey eyes" way... in an anorexic, sallow skin, bony way. She was also wearing black and her legs popped out like two twigs, while her arms were long and veiny. Brad? You need to feed Angelina Jolie some Peking Duck or Hooters Fried Chicken Wings. But, when glancing above the neck, Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly spectacular. Her face is just beautiful. Her features border on too huge (the camera adds body weight but tends to shrink facial features - yehr thanks for that, camera) so people with big eyes, broad faces and puffy lips like Angelina look great on camera. She seemed gothic and punky with tatts showing and all that (Jen much more sweet-girl-next-door, of course), but here's what surprised me the most: Angelina was friendly. Happy. FUNNY. Nice. And young. My goodness, so YOUNG. I don't know why I always think of Angelina as a fairly mature, measured woman; I guess it's because of her usual stoic interview persona. But in person she was very much a 33 year old woman... a little unsure of herself, she stumbled through her answers, was a little goofy, and just seemed like she'd fit right into a bunch of early-thirties gals at the cocktail bar having a laugh. She certainly seemed younger than Jennifer. And, like Jennifer, she was also very nice. No ice queenness at all. And then she got into a big black RV and I wanted to get in it with her and drive away.

So that's it. My most shallow post ever, people!

But here's the bottom line: they both seemed like really sweet girls. For at least five minutes, anyway.

So who's hotter? Angelina in the face, Jennifer in the body.
Who's nicer? They were both equally as nice.
Is Brad on crack? Nah, he's just hot.
Did he make the right choice? We'll never know.
Anyone got any Cheerios? Anyone?

"Back in the day"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Split personality.

My god Natalie, get to the flippin point while we're all still young.

Here is the point:

I have dated tortured whiskey-drinking artists with long hair and tattoos, and I have dated corporate bankers with pressed suits and a taste for Sauvignon Blanc. I have loved both.

I have lived the artists' life (acted on stage, poured drinks in a bar, counted my pennies) and I have felt the excitement of pimping out my desk with pictures and flowers inside a corporate office.

I want to spend all my money on flippant, impulse-driven purchases, yet I frown at the concept and truly believe in the importance of saving money.

I want to sell all my possessions and travel the world - free and unchained - and, yet, I deeply love building a home with things, people and animals in it.

I have been on the verge of going overboard at a party and launched into internal debate about whether to stay and let loose or go home, watch a chick flick and prevent bedlam the next day.

I am responsible and yet prone to extreme irresponsibility. I quite like both.

I want freedom and children.

I want this blog post to end before 2047.

What about you? Do you feel you arrived in the world with one clear side? Or do you feel both wild and measured at the same time?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cold. Brrrrr.

Due to an extreme case of coldness we've also had to sleep with the dogs the last few nights, because B hates to see them suffer in any way (so do I, but he's more the bleeding heart).

Last night little Ted was still freezing in the middle of the night (even in our bed) and kept squashing into B, unable to get warm... B ended up putting him under the doona between our pillows and he went right to sleep. Spoiled much?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

50 facts about me.

I am SUCH a copycat. I copied this delightful post idea from two seriously fab bloggers: Mrs Kypo from Cupcakes, Frocks and Pink and Mrs Woog from WoogsWorld.

So here it is... 50 random facts:

1. I have no middle name.

2. I am 31 years old.

3. I was happier turning 30 than I was turning 21.

4. I have hazel eyes that change color according to what I'm wearing.

5. I am allergic to nailpolish.

6. I used to teach salsa dancing.

7. I was mugged in Peru.

8. My boyfriend is nine years older than me.

9. My boyfriend looks younger than me.

10. Boyish, cute, boy-next-door types who make me laugh are my type.

11. I have never been attracted to buff, gym-junkie type guys.

12. I like talking about boys.

13. My favourite book is The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons.

14. I have had my car broken into many times.

15. I won a TV competition by making my own video clip to Salt & Pepa's 'Whatta Man'.

16. I used to love wearing Kepper pants (huge, parachute size).

17. I am traumatised by point 16.

18. I am a victim of sexual assault.

19. Eggs are one of my favourite foods.

20. I wish more people would watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer from episode 1 and see why it's so fantastic.

21. The colour navy blue does not suit me at all.

22. I used to play bass guitar.

23. I can't catch balls very well.

24. I creep my boyfriend's Facebook.

25. I have fine hair.

26. My favorite place is Positano, Italy.

27. My first serious boyfriend is now a well-known television actor.

28. I make my own crisps (potato chips).

29. I hate exercise and never do it.

30. I don't like watching movies about war or drugs.

31. I have a great relationship with both my parents.

32. My sister is my best friend and soulmate.

33. When I get a new idea I tend to get very obsessive about it.

34. I have an unnatural phobia of bears, owls and uncooked chicken.

35. I broke my little finger playing netball in school.

36. I love wearing black and white together.

37. I have played a prostitute on stage.

38. I am an incredibly loyal person.

39. My parents were both born in Europe.

40. I'm scared of roller coasters.

41. I need total silence to be able to sleep.

42. I was suspended from high school twice.

43. I went to three different high schools.

44. I am not convinced that Bigfoot doesn't exist.

45. I don't eat mushrooms.

46. I am shy around strangers.

47. I used to work as a carer in a nursing home.

48. I lost my closest girlfriend in a car accident.

49. I interviewed Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston and couldn't help but compare them.

50. I get nervous telling jokes and worry that the person won't laugh.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Date night.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And goodbye 2010.

Wow, was that a whiff of surprise I felt when I just wrote that? Have so many of my previous years been really that terrible?
No, not at all, just mostly 'meh'. I'm a bit of a 'meh' person at times... it takes a lot for me to truly kick back and crack open a beer at the end of a year and say, 'you know what? That year rocked!!' I'm usually much more meh. Not sure why... bit concerning, actually.

But I can honestly say I pretty much loved 2010.

In 2010 I spent my first full year in Hong Kong. I got closer to the friends I'd made, found new ones, and gradually crawled further and further towards a home here.

In 2010 we moved apartments into a place B and I feel totally relaxed in.

In 2010 I discovered cooking. Shhhh... don't tell anyone how great it is.

In 2010 all the members of my immediate family visited us in Hong Kong and, right at the beginning, B's family were here too. Seriously awesome stuff.

In 2010 I started my own business. Within a few months I was busting at the seams with work and I'm currently, well, busting at the seams with work.

In 2010 B and I drove through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Hello, view.

In 2010 two of my closest girlfriends got engaged to fantastic blokes. Double swoon.

In 2010 I was awarded a United States green card and became a permanent resident.

In 2010 our family love doubled when we added two little furry critters: Otto and Ted. We carry their hearts.

In 2010 I starred in a movie, a TV show and presented videos for one of the most well-respected media organisations in Hong Kong. So. Much. Fun.

In 2010 I went back to my home town, Sydney, not once, but twice.

In 2010 B and I starred in an American reality TV show.

In 2010 I smiled more than I frowned.

Thank you, 2010. You pretty much rocked!

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