Friday, April 29, 2011

Apparently there's a wedding today.

Watching The Tudors recently reignited my interest in The Royals.

Actually, reignited sounds misleading... I was, admittedly, never really that interested in The Royals in the first place, and while I'm still not all that interested, I'm certainly more intrigued.

The vast history of the British monarchy has to be one of the greatest, most enduring real-life soap operas in history... the traditions, the wars, the throne-stealing, the wives, the mistresses, the murdered heirs.

And the romantic in me loves that Prince William is finally wedding his girl today, in Westminster Abbey, where, since William the Conquerer, every English sovereign has been crowned (apart from Edward V); where countless kings and queens are buried and where Diana's funeral was held in 1997.

I too feel emotional about the fact that Diana isn't here to sit in the front pew and watch her son wed his bride through misty eyes. And I wonder how proud she would be of her son, England's future King. Perhaps she will be there, somewhere where we can't see her. Safe. Quietly praying for an easier life for her new daughter-in-law.

So yes I shall be watching the Royal Wedding today with great interest and pride. For many people it may be utterly overblown and ridiculous, but I see it as our human heritage and centuries of tradition persevering before our eyes.

What do you think of the royal wedding? Will you be watching?


  1. What a lovely, positive way to look at the Royal Wedding! Thank you :) I don't feel so corny about wanting to watch it with my daughter now!

  2. I watched it and i was amazed and i felt the same about Diana not being there. And despite the fact that every living girl on earth wants to be in Kate's place, i just find them so cute together and the royal kiss ;)
    I think it's a good refreshment for England since Kate isn't from a royal family, so it's new beginning, 2011 is really full of surprises!!


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