Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Concrete jungle. Pfft. {and Easter}

Hello friends, I hope you had a wonderful and chocolate-drenched Easter.

I decided to capture ours in photos... well, some of the looong weekend, anyway.

Like most reputations that do the 'Chinese whispers' rounds, Hong Kong's notoriety as a vast jungle of concrete, fumes and cement is deeply undeserved.

Yes, it is a vertical city.
Yes, there are twelve gazillion high-rises.
Yes, most people live in apartments.
Yes, there is pollution.
Yes, the city's infrastructure is growing as fast as (insert witty phrase here of something that grows, like really fast).

But it isn't a concrete jungle. Although, a jungle, it very much is.

Allow me to prove it to you. On Sunday, some of our friends invited us on a junk boat. This is not nearly as rubbish as the name suggests. A junk boat in Hong Kong is basically any large-ish boat that groups of people hire for a day. It comes with staff to drive the boat around the surrounding islands and clean up after the guests, who party on the back of the boat and swim.

Sounds fun, yes? Yes.

Here is how our gloriously sunny Easter Sunday on board a junk boat went down:

On board by 10:30am... leaving the skyscrapers behind

Spotting tiny fishing villages on the way out

Our poor little Ted... who knew dogs get seasick? He puked and is looking decidedly green here

Pulling up at a remote little white sand beach... of which there are many

Ahh... swimming off the back of the boat (cue shark phobia)

Lunch on board

Poor Ted... seasick again. The second time he puked was on my dress. Just before that our schnauzer Otto peed on my feet. Gotta love parenting.

Boyfriend chilling out on the back at sunset

Our Otto chilling out on the back at sunset

Back where we started... great day!

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