Thursday, April 21, 2011

I love my friends.

It sounds like the most obvious statement of all time, doesn't it.
But is it?

While I was in Sydney, my dear friend (BFF, really - oh god I just spoke 'Gen Y') named Dan reminded me of the power of friendship love and how underrated it is as one of the greatest loves on earth.

Our discussion was about the love of a parent (neither of which we are yet) and how it surely must be the most resilient and enduring of all the loves.

But what comes next in line? My answer was two-fold: other family members and romantic loves. Although surely blood ties rule out over those of the fickle heart.

But Dan asked where friendship love fit into all of this? And not because he was casting out for a compliment, but because he considers it up there with the greats.

And it dawned on me. He's right. Friendship love is extraordinary. It's unlike any other love. It's integral to human happiness. It's benevolant. And it's rather unsung.

I have much the same feelings for my close friends as I do my family and lovers. Except I generally didn't grow up with their tantrums and don't want to sleep with them. Uh, that last bit admittedly has been a bit of a grey area in my younger years (who hasn't wondered with a gender-opposite friend could be something more else?)

I feel love for my friends.
I feel loyal to my friends.
I deeply care what my friends think of me.
I have warm and fuzzy feelings about my friends.
I get excited when I know I'm going to see them.
I want my friends to trust me; and I them.
I can feel jealous when my close friends find new close friends.
My friends have the ability to hurt my feelings and cause me pain and sorrow.
I miss my friends when I don't see them.

The cliche 'lovers come and go but friends are forever' is really a load of poppycock, isn't it.
I mean, both can come and go. Both do come and go. And when friends go, it can hurt just as much.

Which is exactly my point.

Friendship love is up there with the greats.

But what makes it unique (to me anyway) is its humbleness. Friendship traditionally does not judge and demands little in return. It's joyous; free and untainted by the rules of family and marriage.
And a life without friends is a life less than that which was intended for us.

How lucky are we, to have so many great loves in our lives?


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family Natalie!

  2. beautiful post...a good friend is one that you hold on tight to...


  3. Happy Easter Natalie to you, your friends, your family and of course to your Mr.Wonderful ;)

    Great blog by the way!!
    regards & good luck,


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