Saturday, April 9, 2011

I used to date Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Hey Nat, didn't you once date Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Someone told me that.

Um, no.

It's not even remotely true. I've never even met the man. All I knew of him when I heard that was he wasn't my type, which made it all the more ridiculous.

It was a random insight into the life of a celebrity who hears nonsense about his or herself.

Although I do think I know how the rumour started... I did once have a very short and uninteresting liaison with another famous actor when I was working as an entertainment reporter. It even made the newspapers - not a fun feeling.

But no, not Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Although, I must say, now that I'm totally addicted to The Tudors I am suddenly thinking I was on crack when I had decided he wasn't cute. He's definitely cute.

But no, we never dated, and besides, I am truly, madly and deeply for another. My B.

What's the strangest rumour you've ever heard about yourself?


  1. Brilliant post - Jonathan Rhys Meyers - not bad as old dating material. I have thought about rumors all day, but can't remember any at all. If that means there were none is unlikely, but can't recall them. Just found you and your blog and I love it. Very interesting moving so far away. I lived in London for ages, but that's like next door (I'm danish) Following you now, hope you come and see me and maybe follow me too :O)
    A xx

  2. I must not be a very exciting person to have not had a juicy rumor spread about me. Unless I do not know it. Maybe I should start one?

  3. My strangest rumour was that my daughter dated Jonathan Rhys Meyers....


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