Friday, December 11, 2009

What I wake up to...

So I've been sick this week, and boyfriend-B's been leaving cute messages on our fridge. He leaves crazy-early and does this a lot.

He's a bit romantic like that.

In Sydney, it used to be little notes and flowers on my car each morning. One morning there was a $10 bill folded into a little note that said "coffee is on me today gorgeous". $10 for a coffee?? He moves in different circles to me, but it was adorable nonetheless.

Now that we don't have cars, (or garages, or houses) he's been writing on our fridge. Here's the one from this morning - I love the sprinkle of sunshine!

In other breaking news, Hong Kong is looking magnificent today, so I'm perking up for a flu-free weekend... yay! B is getting his hair done tomorrow (he turns into a princess once in a blue moon) so I'm going in search of a great mountain hike on to escape the smog and stench of noodles.

Actually... I might head off to get some yummy wonton noodles for lunch! Controversial, I know.

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