Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My beautiful mother...

Meet Eva, my gorgeous mum, inside and out. I love this photo, taken when she was a young model in the 60s. Like so many models mum is from Polish heritage; she was born in Szcecin but came to Australia when she was still in pigtails. I also adore the styling on this shot - the black crochet top, earrings and stunning white headpiece.

These photos remind me of mum's stories of sleeping at her boyfriend's place in her false eyelashes, only to wake up with them crushed and stuck on cheek and chin - so unglamorous! Of course a rush to the bathroom to reapply before he woke fixed everything :).

My mum has also aged beautifully and gracefully. Ahh I do hope I have that same gene. Time will tell!

After TWO marriages to my father (yup, that's romance, however ill fated) she's now with her soulmate, my adorable step-dad Thom who has brought so much to our family.

As so many women say about their mums, mine is absolutely everything to me. She has offered me unconditional love, support and friendship every day of my life, and is one of my best friends. We love catching up over a glass of wine just like the two girls we are - in love with life and the world!

My mum is also a brilliant chef and has two cookbooks on the shelves, designed for cooking when travelling - her other great passion. Check out her website!

Oh and yes, I have a new makeup video up! Wearable 1960's makeup... inspired by Eva. I'm addicted!

Here is the link:

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  1. Oh my goodness, you two daughters are just the embodyment aren't you!


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