Sunday, December 6, 2009

A typical 'gweilo' Hong Kong Sunday

...Actually that title is a tad misleading because often a Sunday consists of sleeping, eating and sleeping again to recover from a typical Hong Kong Saturday (but more on that later).

Today B and I had precious time to spend and trekked to Tai O, a remote fishing village on Lantau Island.

It's one of the only examples of Chinese stilt-houses in Hong Kong, and is apparently home to the 'Tanka' fishermen and women, who have lived on stilts for generations because they don't feel safe on land... and of course, you know, those stilt things are oh so secure.

The area is also riddled with ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries, and is a deeply spiritual place.

We discovered Tai O is a bugger to get to; and is crowded, stinky, weird and fabulous... it's mostly full of mainland Chinese, who consider it a tourist trap. You can always tell a mainlander from a Hong Kong local - they are often the ones photographing the blonde gweilos (local term for 'westerner living in Hong Kong'.

Venturing out of the concrete jungle of Victoria Harbour is soul replenishing, however the pollution wafting down from China was burning my eyes today. Not so replenishing.

p.s. My dad won a lifetime achievement award this week - how awesome! Congrats dad x

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