Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Is it wrong to work in Betty Boop slippers?

I'm sick this week. Being sick is really quite tiring. And depressing. And pointless. Actually not altogether pointless --> it makes me appreciate being well so much more! Which I often forget.

I often work from home, it's a slight addiction. Even when I have nothing to do I invent something. I've always been a career-girl, and I had to begin again when I moved to Hong Kong. This was incredibly difficult. Still is.

So I attempted to work today, in my Betty Boop slippers. But no such luck, body too sore, head too foggy. Sentenced to watching movies on the couch.

Last night B came home, smelling great, looking great, with medicinal gifts. He then made homemade chicken soup... reeeally good homemade chicken soup! Then he stroked my head as I rested. He even kisses me when I'm sick.

The man is GENIUS.

Sometimes being sick is almost worth it.

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