Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day out in Hong Kong

The utter chaos that is Christmas shopping in Hong Kong. It's a fight for survival.

Yay Christmas decorations make me happy :-) I wish they could be up all year!

What the heck is a Tonkatsu Burger? Ew, looks gross.

I stopped for a Thalgo facial at my favourite spa, the Chuan Spa in Mong Kok. It's a bit of a trek, but a great view from the 41st floor, and fantastic therapists. It's my little haven! Today was much brighter than it looks in this photo, I think the window was just dirty.

A steaming hot towel and warm Chinese tea... happiness.

There is a cosmetics chain here on every corner called Sasa, and it'll be the death of my bank account. I always have to buy something. Today it was an eyelash curler and pore putty. I have no idea what pore putty is, but it sounded good! Groan.

I also caved in at Mrs Fields cookies... white chocolate and macadamia nut, mmm delish... I also got in trouble for taking this photo!

Standing all the way home on the world's greatest subway. Clean, fast, safe, efficient! Sydney has much to learn.

Back in Causeway Bay - shopping heaven. I have to rush through so I don't buy.

Someone forgot to put the rubbish out.

Safety comes first here... the scaffolding is all made from bamboo! All the way up buildings over 30 stories tall... no wires, just bamboo and a couple of old Chinese workers drinking beer.

You could get crushed just crossing the street in Causeway Bay!

The old, slow and rickety Happy Valley tram that never fails to get me home... it costs 30 cents a ride, no matter how far you travel. Bargain.

There is always a queue down the street outside this frozen meat place... must be good grub!

Arriving in Happy Valley (home)... I hope you had a great day!

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