Friday, March 26, 2010

So this is what $100K looks like

I guess you could say they gave me an offer no woman could refuse.

It was all very Oscars-ish - I made an appointment to hand-select which delicious set I wanted, then carried them home SO carefully in my bag, I thought I was about to have a heart attack with every step and suspected anyone with two arms and legs as a potential thief. I think I checked they were still in my bag about ninety gazillion times.

I really didn't enjoy myself that night - I spent the entire evening with the tips of my fingers fondling the necklace just to make sure it was still there, and not making out with some soggy toilet paper in the ladies bathroom.

Just quietly? I couldn't wait to give them back... the whole experience was a tad too stressful for me.

No more diamonds. Unless they're on my left hand.

So, a year or so later, I'm still required to frock up for work on occasion. Here's a couple of before-and-after pics from yesterday, where I was lucky enough to MC the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens lunch for the Australian Chamber of Commerce.

The bloke in the second shot is my good friend's husband. I also don't know why I look so drunk, because I'll I'd sipped on was coffee.

I also got to sit with two of the Australian rugby players, who were just the sweetest young fellas on Earth. We were talking about work and one of them quietly said to me in a nervous and unsure way, "I do think I have a good job... I mean, I get to travel the world and stuff..."

Um, ya think????

Highlights? I pronounced all tricky names correctly and didn't say anything stupid.

Lowlights? When I called up a sponsor onstage to draw a prize that had been already drawn, and then said "oh sorry, we've done your bit". Eeech. Smooth, Natalie... like silk, really.

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