Sunday, March 7, 2010

Last night...

We drank gin and tonics and chowed down on tacos and burritos at a cute and vibey Mexican joint on Hollywood Road in Soho.

Yes, Hollywood Road and Soho.

This city has a few identity issues. But don't we all.

We then strolled down to a tiny hole-in-the-wall bar near the giant outdoor escalator that thousands of locals hang off while heading to work each morning.

We drank more G&Ts, laughed, and watched the wildebeest go by*...

*an expression shared by my dad and me that means the delicious art of people-watching.

We reflected on how far we'd come and the fact that, after discussing the possibility of moving to Hong Kong in that same bar one year ago, we were now happily living here - and mum and dad to a beautiful puppy called Otto.

We both agreed we would never have believed the puppy part, had someone dropped by from a future date and told us that's where we were headed.

Pfft - no way Hose, we would have told him.

But nothing about our Hong Kong experience has resembled anything like a plan.

We then had plans to head to another bar, but I felt oddly tipsy after only a few drinks.

I think I was just drunk on happiness and love.

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