Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last day in Sydney

Yikes, it almost sounds like a funeral!

I'm determined not to spend my last day sad, but it's difficult not to think about what's just around the corner... the truck that hits you in the face at the departure lounge in Sydney airport, snorting Yes Natalie, it'll be another year before you are back home again.

But I suppose I must befriend reality again and my new life in Hong Kong - my boyfriend, puppy, university work and zillion jobs to do. I have responsibilities and commitments to honour.

I've also just been asked to go to Beijing for a week to act in a movie (one of my greatest passions!) but I'm not sure yet if I will - the role will be small, and I'll be leaving my boys again for another week. But what a fantastic opportunity!

I'm feeling much more rested now and the zombie tiredness has thankfully lifted.

I'm awake, in the moment, and upon the advice of my great friend - going to spend today just sitting.

Not worrying, not fretting, not rushing, just sitting.

And enjoying.

And being thankful.

And eating LOTS of non-Chinese food.

And quietly wishing... that I could have it both ways.

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