Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friends from Home

We went to university together and have known each other for ten years.

When I met B, he told me he works for a huge international financial news company called Bloomberg.

I asked him if he knew of my friend Heidi, who also works there.

He told me they sit next to each other!

So B and I met independently, and the three of us are now good friends - Heidi insists on making a speech at our wedding, about how she almost-introduced-us.

Last night we hit Lan Kwai Fong (Hong Kong's famous nightlife district) followed by Chinese dinner at a funky restaurant in Soho called Bistro Manchu.

We then finished up with a few drinks at an institution watering hole called Stauntons.

I am a bit headachy today!

Now we're off to the people-packed Mongkok Ladies Market.

More headaches.

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