Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Otto's maiden voyage

I always thought it was a bit naff to document the life of a pet; it's sort of like having an amazing dream and then telling someone, but realising they're only pretending to listen - because they weren't there and just can't 'get it'.

BUT - my 14-week-old puppy did have his first-ever walk this week, and I felt the need to post about it.

Like a true mum, I celebrated the occasion with a few happy snaps - well maybe more than a few. B reckons I missed the whole thing because I kept angling for the 'perfect shot'.

I do that sometimes.

Oh, that and my panic attacks about wild cars flying around corners and crunching Otto to bits - I begged "can't we just carry him?" and B pointed out "that's not quite a walk though is it". Oh yehr.

He got the hang of it though and perked up when people began to filter past - he loves humans and was far more interested in hanging out with them than other dogs. He's chic like that.

When we reached the local dog park and a symphony of barks began to emerge (some of which, were rather gruff and deep) he stopped and looked at me with pleading eyes not to take him in there. I think I glimpsed parenthood for a minute.

Then an elderly Chinese man pushing a rickety old cart walked past, and Otto turned and bolted. I understand. Old Chinese men can be unpredictable.

Here's some of my twelve million snaps:


Still panicking.

The boys.

Getting the hang of it!

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