Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Model Muse... and stuff.

Speaking of love, I'm not feeling any of it for work this week... my plate is overloading and I've got long days to take me right through until the weekend; uni assignment due dates are looming; emails piling up: can't we just go back to Disney World? I mean, is the idea so outrageous?? Someone has to go on Space Mountain, it can't just go round and round by itself...

I am loving tweets, blogs and photos from NY Fashion Week... I was lucky to be invited to the Australian version every year when I worked as an entertainment reporter in Sydney and it had such a buzz... models, designers, make up artists, media, buyers, celebrities, seriously chic looking people blowing air kisses and toasting their own fabulousness. Vacuous but addictive.

Getting up early in the morning is killing me at the moment. Just awful. Horrendous.

Anything else you need to know? And how are you?

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