Sunday, February 6, 2011

Guest Post: Meet Cheryl

Recently the lovely Cheryl from Sour Cherry and Curl Chocolate got in touch (how great is that blog name!) and has generously written a guest post for Diary of a Girl Abroad (how lame is that blog name!)

Cheryl's blog is sweet and honest and pretty... all those things that make a blogs a pleasure to read. Check it out! Thanks Cheryl x

{Something to Say About Me}

1. Everyone in my family has a flower's name as their middle name. Mine is Gerbera. My siblings’ are Oleander and Bergeriana. My parents are just too creative!

2. Everyone says I am too old to be addicted to Glee, but I am. I have just downloaded Smule Apps (Glee Karaoke) on iPad and I am even more addicted to it now!

3. I used to be a ballerina but I gave it up to become errggh an Electrical Engineer. People said it was the most random thing anyone has ever done. When I graduated from my degree, I was the only girl in my year.

4. I analyze everything analyzable – from people to calculus to dogs to places.

5. I love beaches, bikinis, summer, and thongs. I think people are happier on sunny days.

6. I am small – 5 ft 1 and 40 kg... nuff said.

7. I’m a coffee addict, and literally cannot function in the morning without it.

8. I have bad teeth... and I have always been in and out dentist ever since I can remember. One time, my tooth cracks from eating chicken and I had to find an emergency dentist at 9pm on a Saturday night!

9. I’m secretly wanting to write a book that people read like I read Eat Pray Love, but I have to find a publisher to publish it first.

10. I broke up with my first serious boyfriend when I was seventeen just because I was bored. He didn’t speak to me for seven years. Last year we finally spoke for the first time.

11. I cannot leave without hairdryer and hot water.. hence I don’t survive camping very well.

12. I cried in front of my professor once because I couldn’t finish an assignment. But seriously, that assignment was the hardest things I have ever done in my life – and if you must know it was to find a mathematical equation for zooming in and out a picture. It was as much calculus as I have ever seen in a life time (and I’m an Engineer!), so I hope people appreciate adobe copyright more now that I know what goes behind it.

13. Finally – while looking for Math class on my very first day in uni, I got lost in the Engineering building (I really AM helpless with direction!) and this man came to my rescue. I’ve been lost for many times before, but that really was my best ‘getting lost’ experience. It has been almost six years since that day when I first met him, and I’m happier than ever. Also, isn’t lovely? (And I’m not talking about the chipped nail polish)

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