Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going back.

Tomorrow I fly to my home city of Sydney, to stay with my family for two months, and return to the job I left behind when I followed Mr Right to Hong Kong.

I'm literally going back to my old life.

Two years ago, I moved to Hong Kong as a nervous little thing, peeking out from behind my boyfriend's shoulder and riddled with anxiety that I'd made the wrong decision.

I loved my job and was terrified I'd rocked the boat too far this time and that I'd be sunk.

How wrong I was. It wouldn't be the first time.

{What I used to do for work... hang out with guys like these}

While it took the better part of two years to detox from the hardship of leaving a fun job I had worked so hard to achieve, it took merely hours to realise I had made the right decision. I fell in love with Hong Kong overnight - she knew I was frightened and she pulled out the big guns and charmed me.

Now, a much-loved staff member at my old job is taking two months off work, and I have been invited back to cover her leave.

Is this not like falling back into bed with an ex for a moment in time? Even if you want to, you wonder what's the point?

Well the point is, there are many advantages to doing this... I get to help out my colleagues, I get to spend two months wrapped up in family (who knows how long I will be separated from them), I get to refresh my skills in a business I'd like to work in again one day, and I get to enjoy all the fun sides of the job I once had. For a blink in time.

Of course, I'm also very torn to leave Hong Kong... my life is here now; my home, my friends, my dogs, and most of all, my man. God's gift of webcam is much appreciated at the moment - thank heavens Hong Kong and Australia are in the same time zone.

So off I go... to sleep in a bed I slept in for countless years, to drive through the same roads I drove through for even more (have I forgotten how to drive?? It's been two years!), to spend wonderful time with family and friends without watching the clock like a hawk, and to wander the halls of my old workplace once again.

Roll out the red carpet baby, I'm stepping back into my old shoes, rocking the boat (yet again) and going home.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.

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  1. Wow - how exciting! Am jealous you get to spend 2 months back in Sydney. I'm actually heading back for 2 weeks in March myself and can't wait! Good luck with the job! x


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