Wednesday, February 16, 2011


As a journalist myself, who is not brave enough to do what she does, I have immense respect for her.

Lara has refused to allow her looks to dominate her reputation and has continued to pursue what we all know is a dangerous job... an Egyptian journalist has already died covering these same events, at least 52 journalists have been attacked in Egypt already, and 44 journalists were killed and 145 imprisoned in 2010.

But what sort of impact does abuse and violence as brutal as this have on a person like Lara?

Will it convince her to turn away from conflict zones?
Will it fuel her anger and cause her to become even more determined?
Will she now question her safety in comparison to male journalists?

This video is Lara to a tee... smart, determined, a little frustrated and funny. She's awesome.

Wishing her strength and a speedy recovery.


  1. Natalie...I hadnt heard about this... so very very sad. Its just so disgusting that such an act can still take place in todays day and age...I only hope that her strong spirit and determination to seek the truth and tell the story ..will be her guidepost in getting her through this horrible ordeal and to not allow such an horrific experience to determine her future happiness in life from here on..she has some major mountains to climb Im sure as a result of this..but I have no doubt she will not let this beat her. Thank you for sharing x

  2. That's so horrific, thanks for bringing it to my attention.


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