Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're back.

We're home!

Which means today was kind of blah... well actually completely blah. Have I mentioned how much I hate returning from holidays? Especially great holidays?

While I'm always happy to see home again, have my creature comforts back, sleep in my own bed, not have to go near any airports, and see the puppies, there are all those irritations: work, responsibility, study, getting up early and jet lag.

Today the glass is definitely of the half-empty vibe.

We went to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to spend a week with B's family and hit the theme parks. We have a SEVEN DAY park pass... is it possible to have too much fun at Magic Kingdom? Nope, absolutely not.

Here's what I'll remember about yet another amazing trip:

ºoº Hanging out with B's lovely family. They just might be the nicest people in the world... and considering how lovely B is, it never surprises me one bit.

ºoº Eating oatmeal with maple syrup and brown sugar every morning... serious mmm... I even stole some to take home.
So un-Disney of me.

ºoº Rockin' Rollercoaster: a ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. It goes from zero to 60 miles per hour (94km) in 2.8 seconds and has a G-force stronger than that which astronauts face. can you fathom the fastness? Oh and the whole ride is in pitch black darkness so you have no idea what's coming. Guess who got the front seat the first time around? B was grinning from ear-to-ear. I nearly crapped myself. In fact...

ºoº Speaking of ... I don't think I'll forget the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom in a hurry. I don't know how big, what kind, or how loud kind-of-dinosaur jumped out of pitch black nowhere at the end, but the scream I let out was truly blood curdling. I then did it a second time to see if it was any better. Nope, more blood curdling.

ºoº Waiting for the Disney World buses. While it's definitely convenient to be ferried around by Disney everywhere, you could screen the director's cut of Titanic between some of those buses, it seemed.

ºoº Freezing. Cold. Not. Warm. At All. Brrrrr. And brrrr again. Especially you, San Francisco, you cold shoulder you.

ºoº Eating. My goodness, the eating. We were on a meal plan that gave us lunch and dinner every day, snacks, drinks and desserts with every meal. How many desserts can one eat? How many half-chickens before their thighs give their stomach a big slap for being so selfish? Really, Walt, I'm asking?

ºoº Relaxing. Not working. Not blogging, not thinking. Peace.

ºoº Watching the fireworks explode over the Princess Castle, just like in the start of Disney movies. Never realised how much of a little girl was still lingering inside.

ºoº Coming home to two FAT puppies. They are well looked after alright... but now, guess what gang? We're ALL going on a diet.


  1. Welcome back! Very nice pictures, I lake it!

  2. Thanks lady! Good to be home... I think... ;)


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