Monday, November 1, 2010

Snakes and Voices.

Today B and I were finally reunited with our snake, Reggie. It was quite the memorable moment.

We had to leave Reg behind when we moved to Hong Kong because the Australian government have this crazy idea that native Australian animals belong in Australia. Yehr, they're probably right.

When we were on our way to pick him up, I asked B if he'd missed Reggie and he replied, "Nah"... but as soon as he laid eyes on the brown slinky creature, his face lit up and opened into an ear-to-ear smile. Yup, there's still some love there and it appeared to be mutual.

We were reunited with Reggie because we're filming a reality TV series tomorrow and he's been invited to take part. I told the producers to prepare for some snake diva demands: only purple flowers, no other snakes or reptiles within sight, female mice for lunch only, and strictly only lighting from the left.

On another note, after months of preparing, casting videos, conference calls with New York, hundreds of emails and two flights to Sydney; I've completely lost my voice the day before shooting.

I haven't told them; I'm praying life throws me a sympathy vote and my voice magically appears in my sleep tonight.
Until then - strictly water and hot tea only and NO TALKING.

B is particularly loving the no talking ;).

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