Friday, November 26, 2010

My 7 secrets to share.

Oooh there's nothing quite so juicy as a good secret, is there?

Thankfully, I can honestly say I don't have many skeletons in my closet... but I have had to poke around in there a bit today for a few, after my new blog friend Snappy Q (a Canadian, like B!) tagged me in a post where I have to reveal 7 secrets about myself. Thank you, Snappy Q. So I promise to keep it clean, people!

1. I am not a morning person. I deeply want to be... I secretly envy people who spring out of bed before 7am, with a smile, a coffee pot gurgling away and a desire to "get the day going." The only place I want to go in the morning is back to sleep. For a really long time. I am, conversely, a night person. Which means when B is falling into bed I'm the one chatting away, trying to think of questions to keep him awake :).

2. I stole something when I was a child. A packet of erasers, actually, from one of my closest friends... I know, what kind of friend was I??? I saw this cute little coloured pack of erasers in fancy shapes and I simply had to have them. So, when she was out of the room, I pocketed them and took them home. When my mum found them, she made me return them to my friend and apologise. Can you say mortified?

3. I try and be cool and like really current, underground music, but I mostly can't get into it. I'm happy with my late 20th century classics. I know the tunes and the words, and new music scares me. I like anything from the 60s, a lot from the 70s, most of the 80s, and - shudder - even some of the 90s. Paula Abdul, anyone? Debbie Gibson? Remember those guys who wore their clothes backwards? Kriss Kross? Now there's a fashion trend that should have caught on!

4. I don't eat mushrooms. At all. Like, ever. It's for a combination of reasons; the fact that mushrooms are such a visual fungus is hardly a tick in the plus column. But mostly, it's because of their smoky taste and rubbery texture. Excuse me for a moment while I go and barf.

5. I finished my first year of university, then dipped out to take a loooong break before returning again (and I am now due to finish in August '11). The reason was, I got offered a hot job in the media industry and absolutely had to take it! It was the right thing to do. It set my career in motion.

6. I was mugged in Peru, while walking up a dark alley by myself. It was really not a very fun experience, and I should write a longer blog about it. Basically, I was a silly girl, and told multiple times to not walk alone up any dark alleys. So, what did I do? Kinda forgot, and walked up the first dark alley short-cut that let to my hotel. Yehr, that went down well.

7. I am an easy laugh. Big time. I've had comedians at comedy clubs come and thank me afterwards for making them seem funnier than they actually were and encouraging the crowd to laugh. I can't help it, say something even remotely funny, and I'll most likely laugh out loud... if it's genuinely really funny, I'll downright howl and then have little giggle outbursts now and then for hours afterwards as I think about it over and over. Is this a good thing?

I now have to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same... if they so desire. At the very least, please check out their fantastic blogs! Have fun x.

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Ali - Mummahh


  1. Oh fun! and thanks. will do it soon xo

  2. Personally being thanked for laughing at a comedienne is a classic, Natalie. I might just have to invite you over to mine for my next dinner party to make me feel funny!! x

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  4. Hi Natalie,

    Thanks for tagging me, I decided to play along here is my 7 secrets post:

  5. Hee hee, nice secrets! I also long to be a morning person, but then when the morning rolls around all I want to do is stay in bed.

  6. I am not a morning person either :-)

  7. Now they aren't the types of secrets you should be afraid of revealing :)

  8. I'm with you on the first one; mornings are for sleeping ;)


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