Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our reality TV debut.

Our episode is about our Hong Kong move, and we flew to Sydney this week to film our 'backstory': Where we came from (Sydney), who we miss (family and friends) and what we left behind (Reggie the snake), who we abandoned for greener pastures.

We didn't tell Reggie he'd been replaced by our dogs Otto and Ted.

Actually even if we did it wouldn't matter because snakes don't have ears. But they could possibly know morse code. So best not to mention it.

I'd like to slap the weather man for the conditions he offered on the day: A high of around 18 degrees, rainy, overcast and freezing! As B and I were filmed strolling along the beach and smiling through chattering teeth, I decided I will never be a model. Not that anyone was offering! Or will ever offer. Prob more mistaken for a whale then a model. But I've heard models film swimsuit shoots on wintery beaches and not even being model-hawt would be enough to convince me that that was fun.

But my favourite part of the shoot was sitting on our couch answering questions about our experiences... I felt like Jon and Kate from Jon and Kate Plus 8... anyone seen it? Chewing gum for the eyes.

Although they ended up splitting up.

So perhaps toooo much couch-reality-TV-stardom is not such a good thing.

Lucky for us we had only a sprinkle of the limelight.

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