Sunday, November 28, 2010

A RAT. Inside my kitchen.

After the moment it took my brain to believe what my eyes were telling it, I ran into the loungeroom to yell to B,
"A mouse, a mouse!! A MOUSE is in our kitchen, QUICK!!"

You see, before now, I couldn't quite tell the difference. Plus I was in shock, okay? Hmpf.

I rushed back in, with B hot on my heels... the rat saw me and sprung towards the open window, falling into the sink on the way and collapsing a few dishes. It then panicked and made a leap for the windowsill, knocking a candle to the floor before scurrying out.

As I lunged over to shut the window, B laughed at me for calling it a mouse.

"Honey, that's a RAT," he said. "A mouse would be so small, you'd barely see it."

Whatever buddy, it was brown and hairy, okay?

Thanks for the nightmares, rat.

p.s. We have a miniature schnauzer, who were bred to hunt for rats. That's why they have long beards. Otto, the schnauzer, didn't do a darn thing. Way to go, Otty.


  1. I would have screamed if I found a mouse or a rat in our kitchen specially if it was near my coffee (which I need so badly in the mornings)

  2. haha that dang otto...he should have gotten that mouse/rat :) No worries, i think i would have been in shock myself that i may have even called that rat a mouse. hopefully it does not return :)

  3. ooo haha blogun çok güzell natali beatiful.thank you.izleyicin oldum.:)

  4. ew ew ew those little vermins gross me out! I am moving to France in the summer and am going to blog about it so I am going to read your blog cause it interests me.



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