Sunday, November 14, 2010

We were here.

Right now, I am LOVING weekends in Hong Kong with no international commitments. I truly heart this city and our life here.

But this weekend, sadly, wasn't all sleep ins and reading in bed over cups of coffee... we had to finish filming our reality TV show, which meant we had to get our glamour on.

Filming our episode over four days was, surprisingly, really hard work. When did it become so exhausting to just "be yourself"?

When people ask me why we agreed to do it, the answer has nothing to do with money, exposure, or even the fact that I secretly love reality TV and am quite fascinated by it.

I wanted to do this show to take a little detour out of my comfort zone, like the times I

Moved to Hong Kong.
Took flying trapeze lessons.
Interviewed Elton John.
Backpacked through South America alone.
Fell in love.

All these have been terrifying yet wonderful experiences. I am so glad I did them.

And there's something equally as confronting about the American reality TV camera.

You are truly yourself and speaking honestly.
The camera is recording everything.
You have no idea how it's going to turn out.
Or whether you will come across as a whinger, idiot, or something starting with "B".

But, after doing this show, B and I have a snippet of our new life in Hong Kong that we can keep forever.
A well-produced home video of this moment in our lives that will never come again.
That we were here and that we lived and loved.

That's why B and I decided to let the cameras into our lives for a short time and expose our thoughts, choices and feelings to over 70 countries internationally.

Gulp. Does the show really air in over 70 countries?? Better run and hide.

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  1. You really need to caption these pics. You may know what is being depicted, and I certainly do, but most people won't have any idea.

    In particular, the lor mai gai: I'd love to know what the ingredients are. The reason for my curiosity is explained in this post.

    If you would like to find out more about the real Hong Kong, you can click on the Hong Kong and Chinese culture labels.


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