Friday, June 24, 2011

I see people. All the time.

I used to think downtown Sydney was busy... Get out of the waaaay, I would bark in my mind, as I'd dodge passers-by and - heaven forbid - actually have to take a step out of my straight line. Geez, Nat, could you be any grumpier at 8am on a Monday morning? 

You understand, right? Monday morning... 8am... who invented that anyway? It's utterly shite.

But a few suited-up Aussies wondering down a Sydney path just doesn't compare to an average stroll down a Hong Kong street. Nuh-uh. In Hong Kong, there are no straight lines while walking.

To show you what I mean, I captured a short little video yesterday while walking home. This is just a normal street nearby to where we live: it's not even downtown Central. And, as you can see, we're in a serious crowd crisis here. Who are all these people? And where are they all going? That little kid in the Sixth Sense saw dead people. In Hong Kong, I just see people. Everywhere.

p.s. This may come as a shock after watching this video, but I used to work in television. No, an earthquake didn't strike while I was filming this, and no, it wasn't my first time holding a camera. For some reason I just couldn't hold the darn thing straight. Clearly much to learn about iPhones. Sorry 'bout that.

p.p.s This marks my first video blog! Perhaps I shall try more. Would you like to see more?


  1. First video. Congrats.
    I want to hear you talking babes. X

  2. Haha loving the vlogging! The shaking gives it an art-house feel:) keep it up! x LondonZest

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  4. haha it's so true what you said, people are walking in all different directions, like a video game. With so many people, does it feel safer on the streets?

  5. Thanks gals! And yes - a very good point: having twelve-gazillion people walking around all the time does make me feel A LOT safer. Have a lovely weekend! x

  6. hahaha, there are no straight lines..
    I would LOVE to see more :)
    I have never even been to a "big" city, so I couldn't imagine the over-stimulation I would probably get if I went to Hong-Kong!


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