Sunday, March 27, 2011

Roses and him.

For as long as I've known B, he's done thoughtful and cute things.

It's one of the many reason why I have a super duper crush on him (and love him).

Before we moved to Hong Kong, when I would walk down to my car each morning, I'd notice a frangipani flower waiting for me tucked into the car door somewhere. He did that almost every morning.

One day I noticed a note was tucked in with it. Inside was a folded $5 bill and the note said "coffee is on me today sweetheart".

At my old job I used to receive a lot of work-related deliveries. Sprinkled in with these, now and again, flowers would arrive. I can remember often walking towards the office door to collect my delivery and thinking, "I wonder if B has sent me flowers."

And then, this week, they arrived again.

This week he sent me flowers (organised from Hong Kong) because we'd just reached the half-way point of me being away.

He's so thoughtful. He's so kind. Thank you B. xxxx

p.s. yes, I know, my desk is horrendously messy. Nothing's changed there.


  1. Aww, what an absolute sweetheart your man is!

  2. aww!that is such a sweet post!
    such lovely gestures!


Thank you for your comment! X

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