Monday, March 14, 2011

Chris Isaak. Oh my.

In person he is warm, generous, a great listener and hilarious. In fact, as I watched the interview back today I wanted to reach into the screen and slap myself as I loudly giggled and laughed over some of his answers.

He's also a huge flirt... I told him I loved the song Wicked Game, so he played it for me on his guitar and inserted the name "Natalie" now and then into the lyrics as he crooned and looked at me with his electric blue eyes.

I mean, really, Chris? You are going to do that to me? ... Gah. Jelly legs.

He also eyeballed me and said things like, "I'm feeling magic between us..." and, although it was just a line, that didn't take take away from the impact.

Of course, Chris Isaak is much more than a sexy bloke. He's enormously talented, in love with his job, genuinely appreciative of his fans and success, and incredibly kind to the media (sadly, a rarity).

It's always an honour to interview you, Mr Isaak. Picking myself off the floor now and regaining some level of dignity.



  1. I love his songs, great musician!
    Kisses and happy new week Natalie.

  2. "Oh my" is right. So incredibly envious! I love drooling over, oops I mean WATCHING, him in concert and in interviews. He's so funny and engaging and just so damn sexy. Is the interview online anywhere that we can watch it?

  3. Ooh, fun! And, what the hell is wrong with Helena Christensen in that video anyway?? Looking all bored and stuff.

  4. JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is divine.


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