Sunday, March 13, 2011

Like riding a bike.

b I gave up to follow a boy to Hong Kong in 2009.

On my first day, when I was training, I took a gazillion pages of notes... I asked a ton of questions like, "how do you do that again?" and said things like, "this rings a vague bell but I don't remember quite how to..." as I scribbled frantically on my notepad.

Most of those notes I haven't had to look at once... the job hasn't changed much and, evidently, neither have I. I feel as comfortable and at home there as I once did. I still love the place dearly - and the people. While one part of my brain is well aware that I moved to Hong Kong nearly two years ago, another part clearly still has no idea. It remembers everything and everyone as if it was yesterday. It's still in denial.

Driving is very much the same; when I picked up my hire car I felt a little wobbly at the wheel. I promised myself I wouldn't tune the radio in, just to make sure I had 100 per cent concentration given it had been so long. The very next day I was hooning down the M4 and singing at the top of my lungs to Mix 106.5.
Yes, Mix 106.5... I have fairly useless taste in music.

Driving a car, it seems, is like riding a bike.

So, here I am, back living my old life, feeling as if I never left. I work at the same place I once did during the week and, on weekends, I generally hang around, see some friends, maybe catch a movie. I'm in no rush.

Hong Kong is all rush. That life is completely different life to my old life.

It's almost as if there are two of me... in my old life, there is a Sydney girl; working for a TV network, having long and lazy weekends with family in an isolated but beautiful city.

In my new life, there a Hong Kong girl; working for her own business, manically catching up with friends, walking dogs, and bustling around an insomniac city that seemingly has never heard of sleep.

I love these two sides to my life.

Right now I get to live both.

How was your week, friends?


  1. That's sounding pretty much perfect at the moment Natalie. Enjoy your Sydney life x

    Funny thing is, today I rode my bike for the first real time since busting my knee last year. For the first 50 metres of so I was wobbly and a wee bit scared, but within a few minutes I was riding along, wind in my hair and a smile on my face... x

  2. Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for popping in to my blog and becoming one of my treasured 'Gifters', it meant that I could follow you back to your own wonderful spaceI and reading this, the first post I've discovered I can imagine that it will be a space that I will find to be both fascinating and informative.

    This weekend I put real balance into my life - switching off all technology [other than to watch the news about Japan] and spent a glorious birthday weekend with my parents and extended family at their home.

    Here's to a weekend of balance and satisfaction,
    xx Felicity


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