Sunday, March 6, 2011


My view this week... every day

This has been a huge relief for me. I had been a little worried I'd be one of those people who move away and struggle to make the emotional connection to return, ever. But now I know I will, and when I do, I will wrap myself up in the slow pace, open skies, friends and family. It is so unbelievably quiet here, compared to Asia.

I'm overwhelmed at how quiet it is. I had completely removed myself from this life (maybe I had to, emotionally, to survive Hong Kong) and now I feel like I'm letting it seep in again.

Ah yes, I feel overwhelmed.

p.s. B, Otto, Ted, I miss you. I carry your hearts.


  1. I get exactly the same feeling about the car and Sydney. I think it's impossible not to feel comfortable, relaxed and like life is just easy in that place. Especially when Hong Kong is such a contrast! Enjoy it while you can. Lap it up x

  2. What a HOT photo babes!!!

    From reading your post I can feel how overwhelmed you are.

    Once you begin to feel settled back in Oz and it slows down I am sure the feeling you have of being overwhelmed will pass.

    P.s I am loving you are back in Oz X

  3. I admire anyone who can live in another country. What a great experience one you will remember forever. And while you will always feel at home in Aussie, that doesnt mean you can't live somewhere else in the meantime.


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