Wednesday, November 25, 2009

These signs made me laugh

Wandering the streets of Hong Kong is always entertaining, people often describe it as 'like New York, but sped up.'

Between elbowing through crowds (people actually queue up here to walk down the street!) and gazing at the endless array of colours, signs, treats, shopfronts and street sellers - no two trips are ever alike and there's always something to see (or buy!).

I get a thrill out of spotting badly-written English terms (and they're everywhere) - it never fails to make me laugh and I find it quite cute. I papped these poor 'lost in translation' signs, which I always buy as cheap gifts for friends when I can. I think my favourite is:

"You can angry to anyone except boss", or

"You are my love, my angle, please don't treat me like potato".

The signs in my apartment building lift are always good:

"We have noticed the falling of cigarette buts from the upper. Please do not fall the buts and be noticed to stop the said acts. Thank."

These errors are everywhere, as B and I were strolling in our local park a few weeks ago, we noticed a string of identical signs, warning:


I think they meant 'birds'.

So cute.

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