Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is it too early to put up a Christmas tree?

I guess I couldn't wait!

I love this time of year, when the holiday decorations start to appear, the Christmas spirit descends and the shops begin to fill up with happy, excited faces.

I put our tree up today, a wee little silver thing because we live in Hong Kong which means our flat is smaller than the bathroom I had in Australia... but it's Christmassy nonetheless, and a good excuse to play the carols CD I bought in July!

Oh and I realised something today... this will be my first ever cold Christmas! I'm used to 30 degrees C and sweating on a backyard chair whilst the barbeque sizzles and the cold wine is poured. It's also my first ever Christmas away from my family (sad face) so I'm so glad I get to share it with B and the great friends we've already made in Hong Kong.

Please let it snow! Although it won't, but anything less than 25 degrees should do be fine :)

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