Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hong Kong has some strange places

This is the 'Modern Toilet' restaurant.

You eat sitting on toilet bowls, your food comes out in mini toilets, and you drink out of urinals. Sounds disgusting? Well it's certainly not appetizing... !

To cope with a bit of homesickness, I've been exploring the eating places in Hong Kong (eat, shop, work, party - the key rules to Hong Kong I'm learning) - and while they're not all as mad as Modern Toilet - what comes out of the kitchen is certainly different from Western food, and takes some getting used to... Oh and possibly a toilet nearby for the first few months (hang on - now the Modern Toilet concept is actually making some sense!)

I always thought Chinese food was pretty 'greasy grub' - it's always considered a below average meal in Australia, something you get when there aren't many other options. But how wrong we all were, I've enjoyed finding out how much better 'real' Chinese food tastes, the Hong Kong version is really quite moorish!

Fave dishes so far are the fried rice from Pang's Kitchen and the fried chicken wings from down the road (that place is very local and I was scared to go there at first - nothing is written in English so I don't know the name of it!)

And as the Chinese food here is brilliant, Western food is equally as disappointing... B and I are on the hunt for an Aussie/Canadian style fry-up breakfast, and thought we'd found it on Sunday - until it came out with 1 small piece of toast, enough bacon to feed merely an ant and overcooked eggs.

Aaargh! So for now, it's back to Pang's Kitchen!

But for the record, I'll be avoiding these menu items:

Marinated Pig Ear
Snake Soup
Congealed Blood
Birds Nest
Shark Fin

...And the list goes on!

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