Monday, December 13, 2010

Point & shoot: Folks' visit.

Here's a sample of our lovely week-and-a-bit:

We took a cable car ride across green mountains to one of the world's largest outdoor Buddhas
We stayed in and made Chinese-style crispy lemon chicken and friend rice
We got fat dining on dim sum, peking duck, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese
We got jazzed up and ate at Hutong, one of Hong Kong's fanciest restaurants, with a breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour
We hiked the Dragon's Back mountain ridge and had a lazy lunch in a sleepy beach village called 'Shek O'
We shopped, shopped and shopped, and then shopped again, for clothes, kitchenwares, computer stuff, and more, and found some awesome deals
We had drinks at some sensational cocktail bars (with sensational prices to match)
We had lazy mornings sleeping in, playing with the dogs and having coffees
We went to a big group dinner with friends when my dad was also in town for the one night, and gorged on pigeon, duck, mutton, chicken, beef, and seafood
We spent some much-needed time together


  1. Great photos - I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong! :)

    Nice blog, I'm following :) Check mine out if you'd like:

  2. Beautiful photos and blog...very nice and interesting Natalie!
    Big regards and kisses from Croatia,Zondra Art


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