Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hats. Oh my!

I'm quite frankly thrilled to be working with Louis Vuitton on a project and, the other day, the name Philip Treacy came up in an interview.

Ah... Philip Treacy.

Do you know him? He's the milliner extraordinaire who designs the most ingeniously inventive hats for people like Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Lady Gaga (who applied for an internship with him!)

He is, quite simply, fabulous.

I'm in love with these at the moment... Which is your favourite? Or are they not really your taste?


  1. I lake it!
    Kisses and regards.

  2. Oh why don't more people wear hats!? I simply LOVE them! Do you think it's because we can't laugh at ourselves enough? Because hats are rather humorous, really. x

  3. Thanks for sharing these with us - they are so witty and extravagant.

  4. i love strange hats!! i'm in love with this post and with your blog... i'm your follower now, i hope you'll do the same with me!
    i leave you my link:

  5. These Hats Are C-R-Azy! I'm Loving Carrie's.

    Raised By Wolves


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