Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Asian cooking journey.

"Season to taste"... With what? How much? Tell me, please!

"Just throw in what you think would taste good with it"... Like what?

Judy Vassallo? Please don't sue me, I think your book is true genius. If I overstep my bounds with blogging about these recipes, just send me an email or post a nasty comment.


  1. i sure hope she doesn't complain because i would love to see this recipes...are there many vegetarian ones in there? If not that's husband and I have a split kitchen so he's a okay with meat :)

    so excited to see how this little journey goes for you. i love reading about people trying out new recipes...can't wait for you to share!!

  2. Oh, I think I'd like this. I love cooking, but can't for the life of me master Asian cookery. This book looks like it'd help me to it!

  3. Thanks for the reminder on Vassallo. I love your post's they always remind me of our times in Asia, Middle Eastern food is A LOT easier. Kx (Shamozal)


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