Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just call me Miss Dior.

That may be because I heart Miss Dior pics.

It may be because my two adorable puppies are playing together below my feet as I write this and are making cute squeaky noises.

It may be because I spoke to my spunky boyfriend on the phone no less than ten minutes ago.

It may be because I've had a fantastically busy day at work and that's how I like to roll.

It may be because I'm flying to Sydney this Friday to see my family and friends, and smell the wonderful Australian fresh air.

It may be because, even though I currently have a head cold, it's nothing more than that and could always be something worse.

It may be because I walked around Ikea today, one of my secret happy places.

It may be because the gum I'm currently chewing hasn't lost it's flavour after over an hour.

It may be because the nice Chinese cleaner in my building smiled at me when I returned home today.

It may be because there was a huge freaky insect flying around my apartment and I managed to get rid of it before closing all the windows.

It may be because the sky was so clear today in Hong Kong, I could see all the way to Kowloon.

It may be all of those things.

It's likely all of those things.

I hope your day has been filled with as many special moments as mine.

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