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If you're a fan of American singer Adam Lambert, you'll know what the title of this blog post means.

For everyone else; no, I haven't fallen into a glitter rock time warp; in promise to a few of Adam's fans I'm writing a wee little blog about Adam Lambert's 'Glamnation' concert in Hong Kong. So if you're not an Adam fan, maybe best to see what those Chilean miners are up to and circle back in a day or so when I'm back to regular posting... or, you're welcome to stay and learn to love a new artist!

I interviewed Adam earlier this year in Australia, and we kind of bonded. Well I did anyway, he mostly smiled, listened and said things like "thank you... no really, thank you so much." You can read my gushy blog about our interview here.

Last night Mr Lambert arrived in Hong Kong on tour to sing some tunes and shake some of that famous booty. So, naturally, I had to go and check him out.

I will confess that I don't know all of Adam's songs... I know, what kind of fan am I? The answer is a perfectly normal, Natalie Murray-shaped one. I have an odd habit of loving artists and playing only 1 or 2 of their songs on some sort of death-loop until it's permanently scratched into my brain and those of others around me, whilst blatantly ignoring all their other tracks. I'm picky like that.

I discovered Adam Lambert when he was on 'American Idol'. So I was, of course, dying to hear him do some of his Idol covers... which is why I will get out my first negative comment quick and fast before a Glambert fan sniper-shoots me through my loungeroom window. He only sung two Idol songs... two! And they were my least favourite two, too. Try saying that ten times. Or after whisky.

But that's ok... I fully understand this is just me being boring, as Adam is an original artist now and has moved way beyond covers and all that Idol hoo-ha. But I guess Adam doing, "Black or White" and "If I Can't Have You" were a bit love-at-first-sight-ish for me. And you never quite get over your first love, do you.

But that's okay Adam, I forgive you and remember only the good times.

But now to the concert.

But occasionally I will be 'caught' by a celebrity, where I feel myself shifting from cool-as-a-cucumber journalist to dribbling, red-faced, dorky fan. Past loves include Mick Hucknall from Simply Red (I could barely look him in the eye), Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan (she tried to set me up with her guitarist, bless her) and Dire Straits' David Knopfler (we're still friends on Facebook, yay). I tend to not, however, get swept away by the more 'mainstream' artists. But - somewhere along the way - Adam Lambert caught me. Cheeky bugger.

I first felt Adam win me over when I watched him steal the stage each and every week on American Idol (he was always too good for that show).

I felt it at our interview when he gazed at me with his tahitian blue eyes, listened hard to every word I said, thought deeply about his generous responses, and clutched my hands in his.

Oh boy.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

And I felt it last night, listening to Adam sing his heart out in front of a very, very good crowd... seriously Hong Kong, you brought it and he rocked out because of it. Props to you. And you even threw bras on stage! How every rock n' roll... although haven't you heard? Adam's not really a bras kind of guy. But there's always hope.

I didn't really need to see Adam dance or gyrate, as nice as it was. I didn't even need to hear the background music, as jaw-droppingly talented as his musical director and guitarist Monte Pittman is. I just wanted Adam to sing. If it was up to me, he would have been up there alone; acapella; dry vocal. No reverb (that irritating, echoey effect that makes it sound like there's ten Adam Lamberts singing instead of just one).

But the thing I noticed is, in his slower tracks, if you close your eyes and just listen, suddenly it is just you and Adam in a room, and he's just singing. To you. I promise you he will surprise you all over again with every note, and you'll fall into a perfect little happy bubble. And just when your ears start to believe Adam Lambert, they'll start to get suspicious again... I mean, how does he hit those notes??


  1. I adore your review of the Glambert concert in Hong Kong. You may have not known many of his songs, but you GET Adam. And, lucky girl, you actually got to interview him! I would have been a puddle on the floor!
    Much love to you, girl in Hong Kong?(How did you get that gig?)

  2. ps- Your mother is beautiful, and I love the anime of "My Sister and I"

  3. Natalie,
    I loved reading your review very interesting and it's nice to know what other fans think of him. Btw you are a beautiful young woman. I'll bet Adam was impressed with you too.

  4. I was at the concert, I'm still on a high, I was a fan after seeing him on AI, but the last year have become more, and never a day goes by without me catching up with Adam fans from around the world. I was waiting for the day he'd come to HK and he didn't disappoint. And everything I've read so far has been very positive of the show. Loved your review, and glad you 'get' him.

  5. Thank you for a great write up. I was not at the concert, but I can feel it now. Adam is great. Thanks.

  6. Thanks for sharing all this wonderful information about my beloved, ADAM. He has taken over my heart since American Idol and has never left! Consider yourself very lucky to have spent the time you have with him. I'm still waiting for my chance to see him in concert the next time he's back in the U.S.A. He's amazing to me in everyway. Claudia

  7. Hi Natalie
    I just read your blog on Adam's concert and thank you for the wonderful review. He really is amazing. He just shines when he is on stage and you can see in interviews that he loves talking to people. He is very honest, which sometimes gets him in trouble but i admire someone who is just themselves. I went to his concert in Toronto and loved every minute of it and had no voice at the end of it. What a talent.
    You are a very talented writer, much success to you.

  8. I remember being in HK last October with Adam's brand new song from the movie 2012, "Time for Miracles" on my iPod. Some of the locals wanted to know what American music I was listening to and I played Adam's song for them. They were blown away by his voice and loved the song and wanted to know all about him. I unfortunately, didn't know much about him for I only had discovered him just prior to this song. I promised them that I will email more info of Adam soon. Then, when I returned home I got all these emails from them with everything I wanted know about Adam and more. I think I maybe responsible for making few extra HK Glamberts, although, his talent alone can do that, just like he did that to you. I love it!

  9. Thanks for your blog! Loved it. I think Adam Lambert is fascinating and outrageously talented.

  10. Hi everyone, thanks so much for reading this blog and commenting... Adam has the best fans! Glad we all agree on his awesomeness, haha. Nat xo

  11. Hi

    I got to see Adam in Brisbane last year and he was amazing, loved him sinice Idol as well. I have sent him a request for an autograph so I hope he responds - lucky you getting to meet him!!

    Will let you know if he signs my photos!

    take care



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