Thursday, September 9, 2010

Road trip

Recovery from Vegas. Long roads, beautiful mountains, and please no bears (my biggest fear).

Where my step-dad is from; a place to rest and clink champagne glasses for B's birthday inside a Telluride mountain lodge. I can already smell the fresh air.

Historic homes to Native American history (a culture I've long been fascinated with) and the playing fields of old wild western movies. A truly special place I'm told.

Have a fantastic two weeks; I'll try to not neglect my blog. But if I do - it only means I'm having far too much fun. Or I have been eaten by a bear. Or I am hiding in shame after getting married in Vegas.

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  1. Take me with you please!!!
    I would be the drunk friend encouraging you to marry B in Vegas and I would also be the friend that would stop you last minute.


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