Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chinese Fried Rice

Last night it was Chinese Fried Rice... a dish that is much tricker than it sounds...
you'll see when I post the recipe (I hope within 24 hours!!)

But here's an early tip... there is NO sauce in Chinese Fried Rice. Nada. Nil. Niente. No soy sauce of any brand, flavour or variety. And it's delicious... especially if you manage to make it without painting it all over your stove top, like I did in this photo.

Of course I hit some snags while making it...

- Everything is measured in grams, and I don't have a set of scales. So B and I were madly trying to convert grams to millilitres and cup sizes... not really useful when you're dealing with solids and non-liquids. Note to Nat: must buy scales.

- While I was carefully adding the correct amount of salt, the cap came off and it poured in like Niagra Falls... just a tad frustrating. So I spooned it all out, and it ended up being not salty enough! Grrrr.

- Time is of the essence in Fried Rice, and my dog was nipping at my feet attempting to devour all the fallen pieces, while B was madly trying to hoover them up before he got to them - meanwhile the wok was burning up on high heat, with me tossing and chucking rice everywhere with my spatula.

The suggestion was made that perhaps I should never do this again! :)

But it tasted... delicious. Will post recipe soon. x

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  1. If the Chinese Fried rice tasted delicious then who made the suggestion that perhaps you should never do this again.Or this suggestion was given to you because you got exhausted.Making Chinese Fried rice is pretty exhausting work somtimes.Compliments from Pay Per Click Services


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