Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger

There are all sorts of creepy superstitions at this time of year, starting with these five:

1. Put your feet up and relax, sweeping and cleaning is strictly forbidden. The Chinese believe cleaning means you'll sweep all of your good luck out the front door (yay!)

2. Be sure to stock up on reading materials before Chinese New Year, as Hong Kong's bookshops will be padlocked tight. In Cantonese, book is a homonym for 'lose' (hmm, difficult)
3. Make sure you avoid rough seas in the new year by not buying shoes over the holiday period. In Cantonese, shoes are a homonym for 'rough' (very difficult)
4. If you're in debt, it's time to dip into your pockets and pay people off. The Chinese believe that if you start the new year in the red, you'll finish it the same way (yikes)
5. Hong Kongers have a sweet touch at the best of times, but Chinese New Year offers the perfect chance to raid the sweet shop, as eating candies is said to deliver a sweeter year (fabulous!)
I reigned in the Year of the Tiger at a lovely restaurant atop a fancy schmancy hotel, downing a never-ending buffet of fresh seafood, salads, meats, curries, Chinese, cheeses, dessert - the whole shebang. Oh and unlimited champagne - that never goes astray over a long lunch.

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