Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Aren't people lovely?

It's not my birthday, nor my engagement or housewarming.

They're just gifts 'because'.

Today a package arrived in the mail from my friend and photo co-blogger Mrs Kypo. Belinda has a fantastic blog of her life in Sydney, and is so incredibly sweet.

It's perfect for him and I absolutely love it!!

But what I love more than the gift itself is the thought and generosity behind it. Always when you don't know it, there are kind people out there thinking of you, virtually gift-buying, thinking
"Wow, I bet (your name here) would really love this."

This week I also received a parcel of photographs from my dad's wonderful and elegant girlfriend Cida.

The photos were from our recent holiday to Nha Trang in Vietnam, and also included a bunch of pics from Christmas back home.

I miss them so, and receiving their photos really lifted my spirits.

And then a few days ago, my fabulous new Hong Kong friend Mary bought me the Luxe Guide to Hong Kong, just "because I said I didn't have one".

How wonderful are these people???

How lucky am I to have them in my life?

On a scale of 1 to Very?


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