Friday, October 21, 2011


I'll think of a better blog title for this post later, when I've stopped swapping what I'm meant to be doing with lazy, menial indulgent distractions procrastinating.

I am usually a super motivated person... so much so, I've been teased about it most of my life, along the lines of:

"Nat the go-getter!"
"What project is Nat working on now?"
"If Nat tried to sit still, and there was noone there to see it, would she still be Nat?"

My sides are splitting with laughter.

But this week, aliens have evidently caught the number 12 bus down from planet alienville and injected their paralysing vermin into my innocent "please don't probe me!" body.

I've still been working this week, of course. But just the basics... what I have been asked to do. Jobs for clients, with as much thought and time as each deserves. But that's it. No additional work, no ambitious projects, no business development, no supplementary achievements. No go-getting of any kind.

But here's a little of what I have been doing this week...

* Watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover (man, that woman is a beartch)
* Talking long afternoon strolls through Victoria Park with the music up full blast on my iPod
* Sending Glee song requests to Ryan Murphy
* Pruning my plants
* Concocting celebrity baby images
* Lying on the couch gazing out the window at the clear October sky
* Chatting to friends on the phone about nothing at all
* Googling Glee interviews and kicking myself for stumbling across spoilers
* Writing lists of what I should be doing
* Flicking through my diary, realising all the things I didn't do

Wow... quite the high achiever this week, huh? Now I'd stay and write more, but someone has just emailed me a video of a man inventing his own animals, that I simply must watch...

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