Thursday, October 6, 2011

Haven't you heard? I'm an idiot.

Oh yes, it's true. I plead guilty to my own idiot-ness. I figured it out this week while I was watching Glee. Not because I copped a proverbial slap to the face when I realised (a) I was not born in 1994, I was born in the SEVENTIES and (b) I shall never, ever sing and dance as well as those crazy kids.

No, I realised I was an idiot because I really liked Glee. Allow me to explain.

When Glee first came out, I hated it with a venemous passion... people would gush to me, "did you see Glee this w..." - and even though their mouth was still functioning, my ears had totally shut down and were already erecting protest signs.

That stupid show Glee, I would think to myself... I hate that show. American high school kids singing and dancing, urgh.

Which is all good. The free world says I'm allowed to hate Glee. If I've (*cough*) actually seen an episode. 

You see, I was avoiding, bad-mouthing, downright despising a show I had never seen. And it's not just Glee. I did this to that darn Da Vinci Code book too, just because it was such a monster hit. Throughout 2004, while attempting a conversation with my friends, I remember their eyes would slightly glaze over before they'd reach into their bag like a Dan Brown-controlled zombie and drool over the latest dog-eared page.

I may have exaggerated just then, but then again, I may have not.

After years of wanting to scratch my face with the words, "I hate all codes pertaining to Da Vinci!" I found myself picking up my sister's copy when I literally had nothing else to read, defiantly turning a page. And then I turned another page... pretty soon I had turned wild and was spotted bellowing from the rooftops to the streetwalkers below, "Haven't you heard??? Jesus was MARRIED!! What are you all DOING just going on with your lives, like this hasn't happened? Look at that darn Da Vinci painting!!"

I may have exaggerated just then, but then again, I may have not.

And then the movie with Tom Hanks came out and I pretty much declared it a farce.

But back to Glee. I have a habit of doing this... rejecting something I've never seen or read, just because it's popular. I've been sick recently, and therefore sentenced to watching TV series on iTunes because Hong Kong television is so bad it's literally un-bloggable. I'd burned through pretty much every series I'd ever heard of, until my rebellious hands gave my attitude the finger (the perks of being a hand) and typed in Glee season one. Screw it. What really turned me was when I found out it had been created by Ryan Murphy, who gave me one of my favourite shows of all time - Nip/Tuck.

And, what do you know, people, I loved it. I watched the whole first season in less than a week. I love the talent, the singing, the dancing, the message, the sweet high school teacher, whoever plays that Finn guy because he's really cute, Lea Michele who is an absolute delight, and I want to have Appletinis with Chris Colfer.

So there you go. The Da Vinci Code is actually a really stellar book. Glee is a seriously well-made show.
And I'm an idiot.


  1. Oh bless your idiotic socks. I'm a gleek, but, like you, will often pshaw about things I feel are ridiculously popular.

    And hey, can I come with you and Chris to drink Appletinis?

  2. hahahah i always make fun of glee and tell people how stupid it is.

    im afraid to watch an episode because i know it will be a serious case of foot in mouth!!!

  3. YES let's all do Appletinis! My shout... and Megan, ha, I've so been there; foot currently stuck in mouth so ca*9nnot89t sphe=ekk...

  4. You sound like me when it comes to Glee...I never thought I would watch it and now it's a different story. I love it! BTW - great blog

  5. Oh yeah, I get ya! I do the same thing, I refuse to like the popular stuff. And damn it, I like Glee too *blush*

  6. I have gone off Glee. Loved the first 2 seasons though.

    Have you seen Weeds? Love love love and it has nothing to do with my girl crush on Mary Louise Parker.


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